SEC Targets Immigration Attorneys Receiving Referral Fees

An article published on Bloomberg Business has highlighted the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) focusing in once again on the EB-5 Visa program.

Specifically, transaction based compensation paid to as many as 24 immigration attorneys who helped find investors for regional centers and EB-5 projects. If the immigration attorneys were paid a fee for referring their clients to the particular regional center or EB5 project, they may be in conflict with securities laws.

The most recent SEC foray into the program involves immigration lawyers who helped find investors for the regional centers. If they are paid a fee for doing so, they may be running afoul of securities laws, which require anyone accepting a fee for facilitating a private securities transaction to be registered as a broker.

This is reminiscent of an exchange with the SEC back in May 2010 which denied a ‘no-action’ request relating to a law firm’s activities of referring investors to a company for a fee without registering as a broker-dealer.

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President Obama Announces Extended Visas for China/US Travel

“Student and exchange visas will be extended to five years; business and tourist visas will be extended to 10 years”

President Obama announced this week at the ‘APEC CEO Summit‘ that the United States and the People’s Republic of China are concluding a reciprocal visa validity arrangement that will see both countries extend the length of the multiple-entry visitor visas available to citizens visiting the other country.

Previously these visas were valid for just one year.

The deal will not change how long a traveler will be allowed to stay in the US or China, but how long the visas are valid for entry., its owners and associates, do not function as attorneys or legal counsel and do not attempt to interpret immigration law and do not provide or offer legal advice or legal services or investment advice. Anyone considering an investment based visa should seek independent professional advice. The information on this site is intended to be general on the subject of the EB5 investment visa green card program and should not be relied upon for any specific situation. Any reference to designated regional centers on this website is posted as reference material only.